PDF | + minutes read | One of the most studied areas for increasing interior design performance is kitchen. When scientific studies conducted on kitchen design Journal of Engineering Design, 21 (2–3), PDF | A cross sectional survey was conducted to assess the impact of kitchen layout on employees' productivity. Key words: Kitchen Layout, Productivity, Kitchen Staff, Company Kitchens IJRDO - Journal of Applied Management Science. Kitchen Design. In residential homes, meals are prepared and shared in the kitchen, which also serves prior to beginning the design process because there are significant space, storage, . Journal of affective disorders, 50(2), 2.

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International Journal of Research in IT & Management (IMPACT FACTOR – ) This study aimed studying the importance of kitchen designing in restaurants. A restaurant's style, including that of its kitchen space can not only provide much needed comfort, but can Journal of Retail & Leisure Property. Journal of Retail & Leisure Property kitchen design open kitchens consumers hospitality industry dining experiences. Cite article. How to cite.

Food will be prepared more carefully in open kitchens. Kitchen staff will appear neater in an open kitchen. Consumers feel much safer when they eat food that is prepared in an open kitchen. Whether the entertainment factor that arises in open kitchen settings is of any importance to consumers.

For business development agencies, new or added knowledge about the threads above could also be of use in their efforts to assist business operators.

Such scenario may particularly apply to those operators who lack resources, for example, in the case of family or individually owned restaurants, in areas that, as may be the case of open versus closed kitchen style, could potentially encourage more restaurant patronage.

Stipanuk's argument also illustrates the importance of flexibility, continuous improvement, development, innovation, as well as attention to detail and to different consumer segments. In this regard, studies investigating factors influencing restaurant choice indicate the importance of cleanliness throughout the restaurant, including in the kitchen Aksoydan, According to Baraban and Durocher , in the s open restaurant kitchen design became popular in many hospitality scenarios.

Media interest through articles presenting restaurants that feature open kitchen design demonstrates that this concept continues to be widely used see, for example, Bruni, ; Raisfeld and Patronite, ; Ferren, ; Parmley, ; Virbila, ; Weisstuch, In these scenarios, chefs exhibit their cutting, filleting and related skills, thus providing an entertainment component that may draw groups of consumers who are interested in this side of food preparation and overall dining experience.

In fact, only recently have some researchers examined the open kitchen dimension from a hospitality industry perspective. Although the number of respondents in their study was very limited, Chow et al forthcoming found that most operators agreed that overall the open kitchen concept was more conducive to increased kitchen staff hygiene. Operators also felt that open kitchen design positively contributed to kitchen staff's behaviour in handling foods. A fundamental motive for paying attention to these areas is rather unsurprising: within the restaurant sector, operator—patron transactions result in billions of dollars of revenues every year.

Not only do restaurateurs benefit from revenues generated from consumer patronage. In fact, many thousand families directly or indirectly depend on employment generated in the restaurant and hospitality sectors. In other words, many consumers do have a choice as to what establishment to choose for their eating out experience.

Moreover, such choice could very well be determined by a wide range of attributes that consumers consider as very important, including the existence of an open restaurant kitchen style. Such decision was made on the basis of 1 speed to collect data in several university-sponsored events sports events.

Thus, it was believed that many of these sports events attendees may identify with the university, either through their previous attendance, or through simply being part of the local community where the institution is located.

Other sections of the questionnaire were designed to gather data on aspects that respondents may consider important in their dining experience, including space for them to describe images of open kitchen design and descriptions of the style of the restaurant they patronised.

During the months of January and the beginning of April , a total of questionnaires were distributed at university-sponsored basketball games.

A recent guide book for using android application can be read in [5]. Stability of the control system is referred in [6].

A real automated food ordering system with real time customer feedback is read in [7]. And a fault detection system is referred in [8]. This paper introduces the design of a new kitchen automation system using wireless, microcontrollers and MATLAB interfaces and monitor of kitchen in smart home.

The contents of the paper are following: part 2 presents the hardware configuration, part 3 introduces the network connection, and part 4 illustrates simulations and experimental results, and finally, part 5 briefs conclusions and recommendations. Here Arduino Uno module is used to do the same.


It collects and processes the signals and sends them wirelessly to another module, the raspberry pi, using a zig bee module. In this task It was concluded to build up an android application which we named as Kool kitchen. It helps distinctively capable individuals to remotely utilize their kitchen apparatuses. Likewise warning on advanced mobile phones offers them some assistance with updating about what is occurring in their kitchens.

Second Nature Journal

Different kinds of sensors are used in my system like weighing sensor in fridge as shown in Fig 1. Home automation system The sensors from the appliances collect necessary data like temperature, pressure etc. It collects and processes the signals and send them wirelessly to another module, the raspberry pi, using a zig bee module.

For the experiment temperature sensor is used. The temperature sensor as the name suggests is used to measure the temperature.

It converts heat energy into electrical energy and gives a current signal as an output. In my system it is to be placed inside the oven, refrigerator, kettle etc.

Kent Anderson

Arduino is the chip produced by a company called Arduino, which is an open source hardware and software company. It can be used to design and build digital devices that can be used to obtain data from sensors and this data can be used to control various devices and their operations.

The role of the Arduino Uno in this project is to get input from the sensors to get data about the system and this data is compared to the set values using the programs that have been loaded into the Arduino Uno. For example, the program can be used to compare the current temperature of the food to the present value so that once it reaches the present value the appliance can be turned off and a notification can be given to the user that the food is ready.

The zig bee sends the data that is processed by the Arduino to the raspberry pi module wirelessly so that the location of sensors is not constrained by wiring problems.

It has ports which plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and we can use a standard keyboard and mouse which can be plugged into the USB ports. It is very capable and in getting more and more popular these-days among electronic hobbyists 3 Application of Artificial Intelligence in Smart Kitchen and in prototype developments. It runs Open HAB software which is an open source server specifically designed for automation applications.

Exploring consumers’ images of open restaurant kitchen design

There are many types of systems and devices in the market and in order to make interaction between these devices easier we need a common middle ground to talk in. The open HAB server plays that role of a translator between systems that cannot otherwise speak to each other directly.

So the user screen looks like the picture below. We can see in the pictures symbols for all the smart devices as shown in Fig 2.

Figure 2. App Installed in Phone 2.

The fantastic features involve information about items in their refrigerator like expiry dates, amount of food left in the fridge. The information will be provided with the help of an android app For that we need a barcode reader in the fridge.

Barcodes initially were examined by unique optical scanners called barcode Readers. Later applications programming got to be accessible for gadgets that could read pictures, for example, cell phones with cameras.

Classic kitchens

In this project I am going to make an android app called fantastic fridge which tells us about the expiry dates of remaining items and how much items are still left in the fridge. Barcode printer will print date, year and month. So, user can pick any dates for packed or cooked food. All other dairy products like milk, butter, cream etc.

First advancement here in the smart stove we have some timers installed user can set their own timers and after that time the stove will turn off.

Through using the above stated automatic system we can turn off and turn on and off our stove remotely. Another advanced feature that we can add to smart stove is some vessels attached with temperature sensors when the vessel temperature is of certain temperature stove will turn off automatically.

This system works in the same way Fantastic fridge works in which Temperature sensor is attached to microcontrollers and microcontrollers is attached to central hub which sends signals to smart phones and user will be able to control device remotely.

For that to happen we can use some position sensors or cameras. System with central control PC The main idea here is to include a central hub as PC where microcontroller is attached to it as shown in Fig 3. Here data will be saved and processed as user cannot use phone all the time system needs a central Hub to collect save and process data in a way user get the error message if the functioning is not proper for any of the system.

Hence the work is divided into 3 main parts that is making android app.Brand confusion is something some predatory publishers exploit. Mohamed A. Still today, however, consumer knowledge in different dimensions of the dining experience is very limited.

First advancement here in the smart stove we have some timers installed user can set their own timers and after that time the stove will turn off. Requires setup and monitoring of related production systems and workflows, and ongoing management, as well as occasional interventions when things go off the rails.

This development is the more significant, as in the United States most eating and drinking businesses are small in size. Customer data has become central to publishers, whether those customers are authors, institutions, members, agents, advertisers, or individuals.

Value: Moderate, declining. Los Angeles Times online , http: Making enough money to remain viable and avoid cash pinches is a fundamental goal for any business.

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